Human Psychology - Nubile Psychology

Many a time physical appearance is considered important in selecting a partner. Often we come across partners reject a probable one just because he/she is not good looking, leave alone beautiful. There are instances of divorce after the marriage just because wife is not beautiful. The reason outlined may not be exactly the same, but some pretext or other this is the main reason. It all happens because of psychological thinking of oneís own mind. While physical appearance is usually considered first, but what matters to a great extent in marriage is oneís personality.

Then what is personality in relation to selecting a partner in a marriage is our next psychological worry. Personality is nothing but oneís inner qualities. Personality includes interests, values, thoughts, attitudes, behaviour and other fine qualities. Personality exploration is most important in selecting a partner.

Interests vary from person to person. Here mutual interest is important for a healthy married life. One should respect other personís interest. Other wise problems arise among the partners later on in their life. Objective interest rather than subjective interest is welcome.

Value of human beings is considered utmost important values of partners are to be respected. Values determine the qualities of partners in a society. We should give value to the partner values.

No two thoughts are equal. Partners will have different thoughts at different times. One should understand this psychological aspect in selecting a partner. One cannot force thoughts on another. It is an individualís freedom to have different thoughts. But like minded partners may have similar or near similar thoughts. Good thoughts make them happy in relationships with each other. Harmony in relationship is appreciated by having similar thoughts.

Attitudes of partners are basic aspect for smooth conduct of marital life. However attitudes of individuals also differ. Attitude is mental make up of an individual. There are two types of attitudes one is positive and the other is negative. Positive attitude promotes healthy relationship. Negative attitude leads to anger, aggression, chaos etc. Family background, social relationships determine the attitudes. One should have thorough understanding of the partner. Sometimes attitudinal changes may be warranted. At those circumstances, partner should be inclined to change his/her attitude for congenial atmosphere. It is this attitudinal harmony that counts success of a marriage.

Attitude determines the behaviour of an individual. Behaviour is the most important psychological aspect of a marriage. Oneís character is determined based on the behaviour. How one behaves in a society is important. Attitudes are responsible for the behaviour. Positive attitude leads to positive behaviour, whereas negative attitude leads to negative behaviour. Behavioural problems are related to psychological problems. Success of a marriage depends on how partners behave with each other. Hence higher weightage is given to hehavioural characteristics. Social status of married partners are determined their healthy behaviour towards others.

As such these psychological factors play important roles in selection of partners, marital happiness and helpful for future generation as well.