# Participation in International Forum by invitation for lecture session

World Congress for Association of Cultural Psychiatry, 2009 Italy
Workshop on Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders, 2008 Switzerland
International Congress of Psychiatry, 2008 Argentina
4th SSAARC Psychiatric Federation Meet, 2008 Dhaka
2nd SAARC Psychiatric Federation Meet, 2006 Nepal
World Congress of Psychiatry, 2006 Turkey
One of the 13 Abstract selected for publication in the ECCO book of the European Journal of Cancer Supplement (EJC). Paris 30th Oct 2005 to 3rd Nov 2005

# Nominated by the Prime Minister of India to be in the advisory board for National Youth Forum from Eastern India to make youth policies for the nation along with other Central & State level dignitaries.
# Holding Unique Rally for the Medical Representatives to give them relief of their drudgery in completion of sale
# Taking School children for expedition like Trekking, rock climbing, rafting for enhancing their mental strength
# Producing documentaries for public awareness on Mental Health Care
# Publishing Journal Angel premier health magazine in Bengali and Swastha Katha Bengali health tabloid
# Running a regular column on mental health in Bengali news daily AAJ KAAL and a monthly health magazine SUSTHYA for more than five years
# Founder of a voluntary organization, National Institute of Behaviroual Science that works for the poor and marooned villagers of Sunderbans