Dr. Kedar Ranjan Banerjee, the consulting psychiatrist is the author of this website which is developed, not only to illustrate psychiatric and psychological diseases under mental health care, but also a tool for self assessment and further consultation with the Psychiatrist or Psychologist for treatment, counselling and care. Dr. Banerjee received various National and International awards.  He has attended number of Indian and International seminars and workshops and shared experience and expertise of acclaimed fellow Psychiatrists.  He had been in the team of Policy Makers in Government of India, Ministry of Human Resourcest, Read more...
Mental healthcare is often ignored or suppressed in our society. It is equally important for all of us to know and understand that mental health diseases as indicative to our day-to-day life as those of the physical diseases. We often are ignorant/innocent about mental healthcare crysis or we try to suppress mental health diseases. This has brought in a decay in the society.
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